We raise "Hereford" breed calves, as well as turkey, chicken, geese, muck duck and rabbits. We grow vegetables and other greenery by a natural cultivation technology: no pesticides, no mineral fertilization, no antibiotics and no growth regulators.
Be careful! Juicy steaks with no taste modifiers and dishes with vegetables from eco-plantation can cause addiction! Healthy, and simply tasty.
The essential thing for the really juicy and aromatic steaks - it is the right meat. We raise "Hereford" breed calves in ecologically clean territory and we also control all of the stages: the birth, eco feeding and cooking.
Our steaks are our proud!
ECO Steak Country Style
Hereford beef steak. Served with softened potatoes, fried mushrooms, grilled green onion, toasts and quail egg. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
230g. / 200g. / 950 ₽
ECO T-Bone Steak
Steak with T-Bone, which separates two kinds of meat. One is fillet from the thin edge and a distinct beef flavour. The other is uniquely tender and most exquisite meat of the middle of the loin. Suggested cooking stage: Medium Well..
350g. / 170g. / 1500 ₽
ECO Flat-Iron Steak
Hereford beef steak from the blade part of the loin with a distinct meat flavour. Served with a marrow bone. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
250g. / 100g. / 950 ₽
ECO Rib Eye Steak
Hereford beef steak from the thickest end, especially juicy and aromatic. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
230g. / 170g. / 1200 ₽
ECO Flank Steak
Hereford beef chopped steak. Served with a marrow bone. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
220g. / 200g. / 670 ₽
ECO Tomahawk Steak
Hereford beef steak with a bone. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
280g. / 170g. / 1200 ₽
ECO Steak "Fillet-Minion"
Hereford beef steak from the central part of the loin, most tender, lean meat. Suggested cooking stage: Medium.
170g. / 150g. / 1100 ₽
Детское меню
A grilled chop of Hereford veal and mashed potatoes.
100g. / 390 ₽
We raise "Hereford" breed calves, as well as turkey, chicken, geese, muck duck, goats and rabbits.
Beef Tongue WIth Celery Root Puree ECO
Served with orzotto, pesto and mustard sauce.
140г. / 120г. / 60г. / 650 ₽
Double Ribs ECO
Beef ribs in cherry coke sauce with onion rings, frothy celery puree and freshly ground black pepper.
360г. /185г. / 700 ₽
Osso Buco ECO
Traditional Italian dish which in Italian means "hollow bone". Stewed calf tibia with demi-glace sauce and grilled vegetables
550г. / 115г. / 30г. / 650 ₽
Pork Loin Scaloppine
A pork chop with boiled potatoes, mushrooms and green peas.
120г. / 100г. / 30г. / 390 ₽
Beef Tagliata ECO
A Hereford beef chop with grilled vegetables and demi-glace sauce.
215г. / 580 ₽
Beef Blade Stew ECO
Soft and juicy beef blade with beans.
160г. / 140г. / 680 ₽
Beefsteak ECO
Classic chopped beefsteak with frothy mashed potatoes. Served with mixed vegetables and egg florentine.
230г. / 155г./ 40г. / 520 ₽
Turkey Schnitzel Vienna-style ECO
Chopped turkey schnitzel cooked in breadcrumbs. Served with a German-style hot potato salad.
160г. / 100г. / 20г. / 550 ₽
Farm Chicken Breast
Fried to the crunchy crust. Served with boiled potatoes, lettuce and soft tomatoes.
155г. / 120г. / 490 ₽
Goose Leg In Demi-Glace Sauce ECO
Served with a frothy celery root puree, sour cabbage and cranberry sauce.
160г. / 140г. / 40г. / 650 ₽
Rabbit Meat Roll ECO
Rabbit meat rolled in bacon with carrots and savoy cabbage. Served with boiled vegetables and mushrooms with cream.
150г. / 100г. / 550 ₽
Rabbit Fillet
Smoked on a cherry stick. Served with most tender batata puree.
130г. / 100г./ 690 ₽
Beef Cheeks With Apple Chutney ECO
Aromatic Hereford beef cheeks with a demi-glace sauce, served with apple chutney and mixed salad.
130г. / 380 ₽
Детское меню
Chicken kebab
Charbroiled chicken fillet and vegetables on sticks.
185г. / 250 ₽
Детское меню
Our signature turkey burger with cheese, tomatoes and crunchy lettuce.
235г. / 350 ₽
Always fresh and juicy, our greenery makes our salads not only tasty but also nutritious. We guarantee: there are no pesticides, no mineral fertilization, no antibiotics and no growth regulators in our products.
Salad "Caesar" With Turkey ECO
Classic "Caesar" with cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and garlic bread with a twist - served with turkey cevapi, grated hard cheese and "Caesar" sauce.
210г. / 550 ₽
Pumpkin salad ECO
Salad with a grilled pumpkin, beets, brynza and lettuce. Dressed with olive oil and decorated with pumpkin seeds.
180г. / 450 ₽
"Farm" Salade ECO
Salad with a juicy roastbeef, baked tomatoes, sweet pepper, shallots and brown bread toasts. Dressed with olive oil and balsamic cream.
250г. / 630
Salad "Caesar" With Chicken
Classic "Caesar" with cherry tomatoes, fried chicken fillet, egg florentine, garlic bread, grated hard cheese and "Caesar" sauce.
255г. / 400 ₽
Salad "Caprese" ECO
Salad with juicy tomatoes, mozzarella, lettuce.Dressed with pesto.
220г. / 420 ₽
Salad "Caesar" With Shrimp
Classic "Caesar" with cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and garlic bread, served with tiger shrimp, grated hard cheese and "Caesar" sauce.
250г. / 680 ₽
Salad "Greek" ECO
Classic salad with fresh vegetables, red onion, olives with homemade soft cheese. Dressed with olive oil.
265г. / 320 ₽
Salad with fried cheese ECO
A hot salad with fried homemade soft cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion. Dressed with green pesto.
200г. / 390 ₽
Детское меню
Salade "Olivier"
Your favorite salad with chicken fillet and light yogurt dressing.
230г. / 190 ₽
Детское меню
Vegetable salad
Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes and olive oil dressing.
215г. / 150 ₽
Детское меню
Chicken, toasts, quail egg and hard cheese.
185г. / 250 ₽
ECO "Soft" Cucumbers
Fresh cucumbers shortly marinated with soy sauce, garlic, red chilli pepper and vegetable oil.
120г. / 180 ₽
Seasonal Vegetables Plate ECO
Vegetables depend on a season. Served with olive oil and sour cream.
230г. / 290 ₽
Guacamole With Tiger Shrimp
Fried tiger shrimp and a softened avocado puree with a lime juice and cilantro dressing. Served with homemade corn chips.
220г. / 600 ₽
Beef Carpaccio ECO
Thin hereford beef slices with capers, arugula and hard cheese with olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.
150г. / 580 ₽
Meat Delicacies ECO
Bresaola, chorizo and beef sausage.
120г. / 460 ₽
Bull Balls Pate
Served with chili pepper.
100/80г. 690 ₽
Rabbit Liver Pate ECO
Tender pate made from liver of a farm rabbit. Served with brown bread toasts and onion.
100г. /80 г. / 410 ₽
Salmon Ceviche
Salmon ceviche with soft avocado and lime juice. Dressed with olive oil and complemented with green onion, toasts and balsamic cream pearls.
170г. / 630 ₽
"Country Wad"
Slightly salted herring, boiled potato, red onion, sunflower seeds, dressed with oil.
95г. / 220 ₽
Beef Jelly ECO
Served with horseradish hot sauce and freshly cut horseradish.
100г. / 210 ₽
Beef Tartar ECO
Cooled Hereford beef loin cubes with capers, chicken yolk, brown bread toast, red onion and mustard sauce.
100г. /40г. / 450 ₽
Vorschmack With Brown Bread Toasts
Chopped slightly salted herring quenelles with quail eggs. Served on homemade brown bread toasts.
130г. / 200 ₽
Boiled Tongue ECO
Boiled beef tongue with fresh horseradish and mustard.
110г. /20 г. / 460 ₽
Pea Cream-Soup.
Pea cream-soup with smoked pork and mint.
250г. / 220 ₽
Onion Soup
Classic french soup with additional cheese, white wine, bacon and croutons.
200г. / 180 ₽
Soup With Bulls Tails ECO
A beef soup with bulls tails with chopped baked crepes.
250г. / 180 ₽
Noodle-Soup With Potroshki ECO
Classic soup with a cock broth with homemade noodles and chicken potroshki.
250г. / 210 ₽
Pumpkin Soup ECO
Pumpkin cream-soup with tiger shrimp.
210г. / 390 ₽
Farm-Style Goulash-Soup ECO
Classic goulash-soup with hereford beef, potatoes, hungarian paprika and cumin.
250г. / 320 ₽
Детское меню
Chicken soup
With "ABC" pasta
200г. / 150 ₽
Детское меню
"Cappuccino" soup
Cream soup with vegetables, whipped cream on top.
150г. / 90 ₽
Детское меню
Soup with rabbit meatballs
170г. / 150 ₽
Grilled Salmon With Green Peas Puree
Served with asparagus, carrots and chard leaves.
120 г. / 80г. / 950 ₽
Pike Perch
Served with fennel, cooked in fish broth.
140г. /100 г. / 680 ₽
Steamed Cod With Asian-Style Vegetables
Steamed Cod, stuffed with capers and tomatoes. Served with vegetables, ginger, grilled lime, cilantro and capers.
170г. / 100г. / 550 ₽
Pike Burgers In Coconut Gratin.
Served with wasabi puree and creamy coconut sauce
150г. /90г. / 350 ₽
Детское меню
Crunchy fish sticks
Made from salmon and cod mousse, fried, and served with grilled vegetables. .
100г. / 320 ₽
"Red" Ravioli
Ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta.
180г. / 410 ₽
Pasta Alla Carbonara
Classic pasta with cream sauce, bacon and hard cheese.
300г. / 385 ₽
Goose Meat Dumplings with cranberry ECO
Served with butter and northern berries.
240г. /40г. / 350 ₽
Fettuccine With Beef Cheeks ECO
Pasta with hereford beef cheeks, spinach, lettuce and pesto.
400г. / 560 ₽
Baked Tomatoes With Fried Soft Cheese ECO
A tomato snack with fried homemade cheese. Dressed with pesto.
130г. / 250 ₽
Детское меню
Meatballs with italian pasta
Juicy meatballs and pasta farfalle with green sauce.
210г. / 250 ₽
Детское меню
Pasta with veal
Fettuccine in creamy sauce with Hereford veal and pesto.
250 г. / 290 ₽
Baby-potatoes with rich herbs
150г. / 150 ₽
Potatoes Au Gratin ECO
150г. / 100 ₽
Mashed Potatoes "Rosemary" ECO
150г. 100 ₽
Potato Bits With Rosemary ECO
150г. / 100 ₽
Sour Cabbage With Apples And Cumin
150г. / 100 ₽
Grilled Vegetables ECO
150г. / 220 ₽
Stir-Fry Vegetables ECO
150г. / 150 ₽
Celery Puree ECO
150г. / 125 ₽
Needle Beans EC
150г. / 100 ₽
100г. / 15г. / 270 ₽
"Anna Pavlova"
50г. / 10г. / 250 ₽
70г. / 10г. / 270 ₽
"Blueberry Nights"
80г. / 15г. / 270 ₽
"Esterházy" dessert
95г. / 20г. / 270 ₽
Caramel Carrot Desser
100г./ 20г. / 270 ₽
100г./ 5г. / 290 ₽
Cheese Dessert
100г./ 30г. / 250 ₽
Cottage Cheese & Berries Dessert
135г. / 250 ₽
Ice-Cream "Meringue Miracle"
70г. / 20г. / 200 ₽
Детское меню
Cottage cheese crepes
Family-style crepes with cottage cheese filling.
100г. / 70г. / 10г. / 200 ₽
Детское меню
Vanilla ice cream
Family-style ice cream made of milk and cream.
50г. / 50 ₽
Детское меню
Cottage Cheese & Berry dessert
Berry marmalade with crunchy meringues in a cookie daw basket
135г. / 250 ₽

Детское меню
Fruit salad
Summer fruits with light honey yogurt dressing.
100г. / 90 ₽
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